Comparison of Hosting Providers


This comparison is about features vs cost and does not include information about latency or performance. You should independently test and validate the hosting provider for your needs.

Cost and Feature Comparison#



All pricing is done based on Current US-West locations, prices may vary based on location and availability in certain data centers. All Prices are based on official pricing from the provider, rounded up to the nearest USD.


Bandwidth limits are based on Min/Recommended.


Storage costs are typically in excess to default storage provided (custom option).


You should calculate your costs with the provider themselves as these prices were pulled in Q1 2021.


AWS (EC2)DigitalOceanGCPLinodeVultr
Min Strapi Specs1C/2GB1C/2GB
Rec Strapi Specs2C/4GB2C/4GB
Min Strapi Cost$17/m$10/m$10/m
Rec Strapi Cost$34/m$20/m$20/m
Min DB Specs2C/4GB2C/4GB
Rec DB Specs4C/8GB4C/8GB
Min DB Cost$34/m$20/m$20/m
Rec DB Cost$68/m$40/m$40/m
Backup Cost$0.05/GB/m20%/hourly20%/hourly
Strapi Bandwidth?2TB/4TB2TB/3TB
DB Bandwidth?4TB/5TB3TB/4TB
Bandwidth Cost?$0.01/GB$0.01/GB
Storage CostVarious$0.10/GB/m$0.10/GB/m
Extra CostN/AN/AN/A
Private NetTrueTrueTrueFalse
Deploy Time
Redeploy Time
Upload ProviderOfficialCommunityCommunityN/AS3?
Upload Cost (Storage)$0.02/GB
Upload Cost (Transfer)$0.01/GB

Strapi Instance#

Minimum vs Recommended Strapi VPS Specs is defined as:

  • CPU:
    • Min: 1 vCPU Core
    • Recommended: 2 vCPU Cores
  • Memory (RAM):
    • Min: 2GB
    • Recommended: 4GB
  • Bandwidth (Transfer in GB):
    • No Min/Recommended, based on use-case
  • Storage (Disk)
    • No Upload Provider: Based on use-case
    • With Upload Provider: 32GB

Database Instance#


Note that any testing notes provided are done on MariaDB LTS release with no performance tuning done, it is recommended you tune your database config to fit your instance and needs.

  • CPU:
    • Min: 2 vCPU Core
    • Recommended: 4 vCPU Cores
  • Memory (RAM):
    • Min: 4GB
    • Recommended: 8GB
  • Bandwidth (Transfer in GB):
    • No Min/Recommended, based on use-case
  • Storage (Disk)
    • Min: 32GB
    • Recommended: Based on use-case

These are arbitrary recommendations, you can easily go higher or opt to use a providers managed database service instead. In order to keep comparisons and performance testing similar we use an un-managed VPS to run the database. Managed databases are typically a higher cost but require less maintenance, you do however lose a degree of control.